What is in Mavuno’s Blends?

What is in Mavuno’s Blends?


Why is There A Need for A Range of Fertilizers?

For healthy growth the crop must have access to all the right nutrients, at the right time, in the right amounts and in the correct proportions. Fertilizer recommendations take into account the requirements of the crop (which depend on crop species, variety and yield potential) and the estimated supply of nutrients from other sources.
Of most importance is the supply from the soil which varies from field to field

Why is the World Moving Towards Blends?

Blended Fertilizer is most practical and economical for farmers worldwide: They offer

  • Easy decisions on the rate and timing of fertilizer applications.
  • Better crop yields and/or quality per tonne of yield.
  • Reduced per tonne of yield cost for producing crops.
  • Improvement in cash flow.
  • Higher profits.