About Us


Our Story

The Mavuno Fertilizer brand began in 2003 and has been recently acquired to be a part of Maisha Minerals & Fertilizers Ltd. The introduction into the comparative use of fertilizers was carried out with extensive agriculture research to provide the ideal product that matches specific soil types and nutrient content of the major agriculture zones in Kenya. The aim is to improve crop yields through the use of blended fertilizers for better soil health & fertility along with better crop quality & yield. It is the dedication of providing premium quality fertilizer at affordable rates that has enables us establish a strong client base between smallholder and commercial farmers. Likewise our extensive distribution system, secures the ability to supply product throughout Kenya and beyond.

Mavuno Fertilizers are high quality fertilizer blends to be the trusted source of growing healthy crops of everything from maize, wheat, barley, beans, bananas and potatoes, to coffee, tea, rice, sugarcane and tobacco. It is economical helping improve incomes for both the family and commercial farmer nationwide. It is our guarantee that farmers will experience higher yields, healthier, and more flavourful crops, year in and year out with Mavuno. Hence, we are constantly innovating to ensure the Mavuno Farmer experiences a guaranteed 30% more harvest each year.  

Our Values


We place great importance on being the reliable partner to farmers. Through transparency and honesty in our operations and products, we are able to provide products that consumers trust countrywide.

Quality Products

Each Mavuno product comes with the promise of containing the highest quality of ingredient blends. Farmers trust Mavuno to deliver premium quality that will improve their soil health and crop quality.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to be the top choice for our customers through innovative solutions, quality products and robust distribution network for easy availability. Focused on building a loyal consumer base for sustainable long term growth.


Our foundation lies on helping farmers across Kenya achieve the optimal yield and quality through our products. Mavuno’s affordability accelerates our reach and builds trust in the brand

Distribution Network

Where we are

Mavuno fertilizer works very closely with agriculture experts, researchers, and scientists to develop fertilizer formulations that improve soil and crop nutrition for farmers nationwide. As we continue to respond to Kenya’s changing soil requirements, climate change and agronomical practices, the demand for Mavuno products is on the rise. Therefore we have built and extensive network of Mavuno Agro Dealers, Stockists & Distributors to ensure Mavuno products are easily available and accessible to both residential and commercial farmers. It is this dedication of making quality products accessible locally that has enabled Mavuno to become Kenya’s most trusted fertilizer brand.