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The role of fertilizers in food production is usually underestimated even by those selling or using the products. Putting it very simply, fertilizers replace the nutrients that crops remove from the soil. Without the addition of fertilizers crop yields would be significantly reduced.

Why is Mavuno Fertilizer Superior?

Mavuno fertilizer is a crop specific and soil specific fertilizer, compound blended containing 12 essential plant nutrients

1. Mavuno increases crop yields by over 30%

2. Micro nutrients present in Mavuno improve color, taste, texture and nutrient value of produce.

3. Rectifies soil acidity and Improves soil pH for higher crop production

4. Proven to perform well in extreme weather conditions

5. Gives long lasting results with improvements in plant colour, overall health and growth.

6. Improves soil fertility

7. Ongoing research ensures continual improvement of Mavuno formulations

8. Are available in affordable packaging: 1kg; 10kg; 25kg; and 50kg

What are Nutrient Forms?

Fertilizers are usually declared with the content of the three major nutrients N, P and K (e.g. 10 (N), 26  (K), 10 (P)) but fertilizer declarations do not always reflect the form in which a nutrient is taken up by plants, or the form that is present in the fertilizer. For example, potassium often is declared as K2O and phosphorus as P2O5 though these are neither present in fertilizers nor taken up by plants.

The Forms of Nutrients Taken up by plants
Nutrient Chemical Symbol Taken up mainly as Usually Declared as
Nitrogen (N) NH4+, NO3 N
Phosphorus (P) H2PO4, HPO42 – P or P2O5
Potassium (K) K+ K or K2O
Sulphur (S) SO42- S or SO3
Calcium (Ca) Ca2+ Ca or CaO
Magnesium (Mg) Mg2+ Mg or MgO
Iron (Fe) Fe2+ Fe
Manganese (Mn) Mn2+ Mn
Zinc (Zn) Zn2+ Zn
Boron (B) H3BO3 B
Copper (Cu) Cu2+ Cu
Molybdenum (Mo) Mo2+ Mo
Chlorine (Cl) Cl Not declared
Macro nutrients
Secondary nutrients
Micro nutrients