Introducing The Secret to Healthy Tomatoes

Introducing The Secret to Healthy Tomatoes

Are you a small scale or large-scale farmer? Looking for a unique formulation of nutrient rich fertilisers for your tomatoes? Look no further than Mavuno’s Fruit and Garden Vegetables fertiliser.

Mavuno’s Fruit and Garden Vegetables fertilizer has just the right combination of nutrients for your tomatoes. Mavuno is Crop and Soil specific, scientifically blended, nutrition based formulated fertilizer. Mavuno’s special formulation for fruits and Garden Vegetables has 12 nutrients and can be used for Planting and Top Dressing. Essential Micro-nutrients in Mavuno improves Colour, taste, texture and nutrients value of Fruits and Vegetables. Mavuno special Fruit and Garden formulation can also be used for crops such as Mango, Passion, oranges, Water Melons, Avocado, Egg Plant, Pawpaw, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Chili etc.

Benefits Of Mavuno’s Fruit and Garden Vegetables Fertiliser

  • 40% Increased crop yield
  • Rectified soil acidity
  • Improved soil fertility
  • Improved soil PH
  • Improved plant colour

What A Kenyan Farmer has to say about Mavuno Fertilisers?

‘We keep using the Mavuno fertiliser because of the benefits we see; increased crop yield, better performance in extreme weather conditions, no side effects on the soils.

It’s also very pocket friendly and comes in affordable 1kg, 10 kg, 25kg & 50kg sizes. The Fruit and Garden Vegetable fertilizer is especially good for my tomatoes. ‘

Take time over the planting season to think about your tomatoes. Don’t just do what you’ve always done because it’s easier. Contact us for a chat and let’s take care of all your fertiliser needs