Effects of Mavuno Fertiliser on Banana Production

Effects of Mavuno Fertiliser on Banana Production

Banana Production & Facts

Bananas require large amounts of mineral nutrients to grow and maintain high yields. It had been proven that even with soils with high plant nutrients; they soon get depleted and require replenishment with organic fertilisers.

The research team at Mavuno Fertiliser has carried out farm trials in Kenya to establish the most important elements in both banana quantity & quality. The farm trials have indicated that fertilisers rich in Potassium applied at planting and as a top dress improve the production and fruit quality with longer shelf life, better yellow banana colour when ripe and tastier fruit with more nutritional value in the form of carbohydrates, phosphorus, calcium, vitamins and essential amino acids such as lysine.

Banana Formulation

The banana formula is a balance blend of maximum quality and quantity. The nutrients and micro-nutrients in the fertiliser are balance to perfection with each playing a specific and crucial role to the final product. The micro-nutrients included give the fertiliser an added advantage for the well being on the banana plants on which it is used.

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